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  1. Smashwords – About Susan Spencer, author of 'Teacup Pigs in the Home and in the Wild'
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Among these have been monkeys, apes, wild cats, foxes, spiders, stick insects, and recently. There has also been a steady growth in the number of. In the late s there arrived a very common animal wrapped. Within just a few years this unlikely candidate for sharing your. When Keith. Intended as breeding stock to. These were imported by Keith Leavitt from Europe. The vast majority of all registered pot-bellied pigs in.

Smashwords – About Susan Spencer, author of 'Teacup Pigs in the Home and in the Wild'

In more recent years. Unlike other exotic pets that have come and. Its small. Miniature pigs there are. They can be as small as 12 inches, with Most potbelly pigs seem to be in the to lb range with some. Potbellies have so much more going for them than just their small size. All pigs are highly intelligent.


This image is strictly man made as a result of the unsuitable accommodations they are often forced to live. They enjoy eating, which is reflected in the. There were many official associations that controlled the. Rescue groups and sanctuaries have taken. Other virtues of these pintsized porcines are that they do not shed hair all over the place the little they. They do shed, sometimes. Their thick skin makes for a. Pet pigs must be neutered or spayed: the result of this is that they are virtually odor free-as is their fecal.

The benefits of potbellies can really add up.

Fast facts

This is not to say they are suited to every household,. Already you. The fact that there are now a number of established. However, in just about every one of these instances it was the owner, and not the pig, that was at fault. They say ignorance is bliss, but this is hardly so here these pets are concerned-but it is a reality that through.

Having acquired your potbelly, you. The actual. The age given is therefore an estimate based on both normal porcine age in other breeds, and from. Is a Pig Right for You? Frequently asked questions about Vietnamese Miniature Potbellied Pigs. Can you take a pig for a walk and play catch with him? Do pigs bite?

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Are pigs affectionate? How long do potbellied pigs live?

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  • What is the zoning laws regarding pigs as pets? How big are potbellied pigs? Is there such thing as a Teacup or Micro-mini Potbelly Pig? Can the size of the parents determine the ultimate size of the offspring? What should I feed my pig? Can I keep my pig inside? Where do pigs sleep? Can I keep a pet pig in an apartment? Will my pig need a mud wallow? Will my pig get along with my dogs and cats?

    Mini Pig - A Cute Micro Pig Videos Compilation 2016 -- NEW HD

    I would like to get a pet pig for my child. Is that a good idea? Can a potbellied pig be housebroken? What type of training will my pig need? Should a potbellied pig be spayed or neutered? Does my pig need vaccinations or de-worming? What type of health problems do pigs have? Can I take my pig on vacation? Can I board my pig at a dog kennel? Do potbellied pigs come in different colors? Do potbellied pigs shed? Should I get a male or female pig?

    Is that true?

    The Complete Guide to Pigs as Pets

    Where can I find out more about potbellied pigs as pets? If so, what is the exact code? Is this an impulsive decision or have I really though it out? Have I taken the time to visit an adult pet pig? Would I be better off getting a cat, bird or other type of pet that requires less attention? Do I have enough patience and time to give to a pet pig? Am I willing to learn how to work with my pig? Can I really afford to provide vet care for my pig? Can I provide adequate outdoor space for a pig? Are my children too young to have a pig as a pet?

    If my older children are leaving for college soon, am I willing to care for the pig? Does everyone in my house agree that we should get a pig? Am I planning on moving in the near future? Am I renting? What happened?

    This goes with the territory. Many owners sleep with their pigs, travel with their oinkers, dress them in costumes and share every aspect of their lives with their portly companions. Potbellies love to have their tummies scratched, and to snuggle with their owners. Pigs are like 2-year-old children -intelligent, curious, mischievous and sometimes manipulative.

    In the intelligence scale, they are only two species away from the intelligence of humans! The porker will quickly learn to open refrigerator doors and cupboards in his eternal quest for food, and outsmart his trainer by taking the shortest route to gratification.

    Wily pigs learn to scream, to wake their owners for breakfast, beg for food and raid pantries. They can be demanding, overly sensitive or even neurotic. Piggies often pout if challenged by humans! Their personalities are complex. A bored pig will root, knock over household objects and devour houseplants. Pigs take nothing for granted and seem to want to know what is under everything.

    Susan Spencer

    Pigs are not good pets if left home alone with no mental stimulation or physical challenges. And, because of their intelligence, they can be aggressive with young children.

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    Firm, gentle discipline works well. Negative physical reinforcement is not. They are capable of learning to slam dunk a basketball, play a piano, or golf, play soccer, jump through hoops, dance, ride a skateboard and dozens of other feats. Housebreaking comes very easy to pigs. Originally, they were advertised by breeders as being around 50 pounds at maturity.