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Robertson Jr. At the hands of a master chronicler of the war, we now can read McGuire with fresh eyes and relive with her the hopes, tribulations, despondency, and endurance of a singular southern woman. The Crooked War to Civil War, "The Confederacy's woman diarists left us our best inside view on the daily life of the people of the South in wartime. They had the leisure to write, were deeply invested in the war effort, and afforded a more nuanced view than many men. Standing tall among those that have survived is Judith Brokenbrough McGuire's wonderful inside portrait of life in Richmond's middle class.

Thanks to editor James I. Robertson's exhaustive annotations, her daily entries cast even more light now than before, transforming what has always been an important book into a vital foundational document on the inner life of the doomed Confederacy. James I. Du kanske gillar. Bark Fernandina in New York City, where he arrived a week before that ship was commissioned on 16 November Papers include a diary written between January and May , while stationed in New York and Virginia. Participated in the occupation of Petersburg, Virginia, in April Entries refer to the assassination of Pres. Abraham Lincoln and the capture of Jefferson Davis.

Leather bound. Approximately pages, condition is poor, binding very delicate. It is a hand written diary with some ink fading, some entries in pencil. A letter written to his father and a receipt for money received from the Sellers estate were included in the diary at the time it was donated.

Mauney enlisted in the army and the diary has daily entries from about the events, activities, and battles fought by Company B, 28th N. Also included in the information was a set of camp song lyrics and a list of names of the people in the regiment with deaths noted. The letter that was in the diary was sent from Madison County Virginia, May 17th, The receipt was dated Mauney was one of the founding fathers of Kings Mountain.

A 45 page transcript of the diary and the record of Company B volunteers was made in the s and was notarized August 26, Ezekiel John Ellis - February-March vol. Ezekiel John Ellis - April-October vol. Volume one of Ezekiel John Ellis' diary February-March begins with a retrospective account by Ellis of the events leading up to the Civil War and his service in the war before his capture and imprisonment at Johnson Island in This portion of the volume is entitled A Retrospect p. Ellis wrote the account while imprisoned at Johnson Island Prison in Ohio.

It serves as an introduction to his prison diary, which begins February 1, In the diary, Ellis documents his daily observations and experiences as a prisoner of war. During his imprisonment, he read a great deal, and his entries exhibit an extensive knowledge of history and an appreciation of poetry. Additionally, his personal thoughts reflect his grief and distress over the war. Pages contain poems by and autographs of other prisoners. Page also contains a list of men killed and where.

In volume two of Ezekiel John Ellis' diary April-October , Ellis documents his daily observations and experiences as a prisoner of war.

He considers the justification for war, the defeat of the Confederate States, and the political environment after the war. He also describes his trip back to Louisiana after his release. Page are his diary of April-July ; pages contain an incomplete work of fiction Oct. Reuben Sweet.

Diary of a Southern Refugee During the War

This diary kept by a young Wisconsin soldier from Nov. Reuben Sweet grew up in rural Sheboygan County and enlisted as soon as the call went out for volunteers. When his initial 90 days were up he re-enlisted for the duration of the war, and these day-by-day notes convey his experience in plain words. There is much here on the challenges of daily life, such as the weather, meals or the lack of them , laundry, illness, and the landscapes he marched through. But Sweet also gives eyewitness accounts of battles and skirmishes as he traveled with the 14th Infantry across Tennessee to Atlanta, and then on with Gen.

William Sherman's troops to the sea - - more than 1, miles in all. The Atlanta Campaign is described on pages , and his work destroying the infrastructure of the southern states under Sherman's command, from Atlanta to Columbia, So. Carolina, occupies much of the last 10 pages. Cornelius Byington. In the diary, he describes the status of his regiment, the siege of Vicksburg, and burning railroads and homes July 18, Military Service Note: Byington, Cornelius. Battle Creek. Commissioned Major April 25, Mustered May 25, Commissioned Major July 26, Died Dec.

Rufus Dawes was just 22 years old when the war broke out. He rose from captain of a company of Wisconsin lumberjacks to colonel of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry and a leader of the Iron Brigade. The first volume of his diary is not a daily journal but rather contains long narratives of the battles of Second Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, and other engagements, written soon after they happened.

The second volume consists of daily entries from July through June Both volumes document what it was like for a young man to be thrust into authority amid great challenges and horrors.

After the war, Dawes became a merchant in Marietta, Ohio, and served a term in Congress. Reminiscences of the Twenty-second Iowa volunteer infantry, giving its organization, marches, skirmishes, battles, and sieges, as taken from the diary of Lieutenant S. Jones of Company A. Samuel McBlain. Diary and transcriptions of Capt. Samuel McBlain, Later became a teacher,a farmer, a justice of the peace and a life insurance salesman.

Samuel Hollingsworth Stout. Samuel Hollingsworth Stout papers These papers relate to Dr. Samuel H. Included are documents relating to the physical conditions of William Cleveland and A. Additional items discuss the transfer of wounded soldiers, the capacity of LaGrange Hospital and the hiring of slaves for hospitals. Also included is a letter from W. Beckam written from Parole Camps, Demopolis, Alabama discussing war experiences. Thomas Sparrow.

Thomas Sparrow, a New Bern, N. The diary, which concerns Sparrow's imprisonment at Fort Warren, Mass. This is the diary of David E. He was wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness, and subsequently hospitalized. He records his activities in camp, the company's travels on steamboats, and the skirmishes and battles in which he fought in Mississippi and Arkansas during the Civil War. Diary of the Paymaster of Fremont's Body Guard, Describes the expedition to Springfield, including an account of the charge against Springfield and the return to St.

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Contains frequent mentions of Major Charles Zagonyi [Karoly Zagonyi], and information on marches and foraging expeditions. Diary of the War for Separation Copy 1. Diary of the War for Separation Copy 2. Diary of the War for Separation Copy 3. Diary of the War for Separation Transcript. Clarke, of Vicksburg, Miss. Contains accounts of the affairs of the 31st Iowa Infantry from its organization in the fall of to its subsequent service in Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Also includes information on marches. The back of the diary contains postwar accounts of Orcutt and Bros.

Virginia at War, – HFS Books

Thus the diary may have been written by Noel P. Orcutt or Darius M. Orcutt, both of whom served in the 31st Iowa Infantry during the war. Edwin F. Diary of Edwin F. Holmes, dated In this diary, he discusses the movements of his regiment, marching, skirmishes, clothing, Siege of Corinth, food, and a grand review November 11, At the end of the diary, he includes a list of his locations, prices of supplies in Nashville, and a list of his officers.

Veteran , Fentonville. Enlisted in company H, Tenth Infantry, Feb. Mustered Feb. Re-enlisted Feb. Sergeant Major March 28, Commissioned First Lieutenant and Adjutant, May 8, Mustered May 22, Commissioned July 6, Mustered out at Louisville, Ky.