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Being a naturopath, I am keenly aware of the history of the fluoridation of drinking water, those who promoted this policy, their motivations for doing so, and the forms of pressure they use to continue the policy despite compelling scientific opposition. A local organization in New Zealand calling itself Fluoride Free NZ has worked tirelessly with communities to educate them on this issue.

They worked diligently and the majority of those communities have chosen not to fluoridate their local water supplies. This action has profound implications, though it may seem inconsequential to you, especially considering that you are a department for tourism. Though I stated that the people of New Zealand are its best feature, this is a black mark on New Zealand as a country.

It points to a corruption of your federal government and its purported goals of serving its people. To the contrary, the government is showing that it has a will of its own and that it acts in the interests of other parties. The policy of fluoridation originated in the U. Many European countries have rejected this policy, knowing it was not about health but rather that it was the result of corrupt influences. Please understand that the irony of an American writing about corruption in government does not escape me. Educated Americans know all too well the workings and techniques of a dictatorship which presents itself as a democracy.

It is as a result of the extreme corruption of the leadership of Western countries that we look to New Zealand and still see it to be a land of free individuals who can run their local communities as they like. If the New Zealand federal government goes ahead with this decision, I personally will not visit New Zealand in the future. If any of my friends or clients discuss the possibility of travelling to New Zealand, I will do my best to dissuade them.

Potential visitors to New Zealand should know that all is not well in paradise and that behind the scenes you have the same dictatorship we see in the [rest of the] West. Despite all its physical beauty I still contend that the best part about New Zealand is its people. If the people of New Zealand are forced to stand in the shadow cast by a dictatorial federal government, something vital and essential will have been lost. Thank you, Fluoride Free NZ, for showing the way.

I keep hearing this thing called the Internet is a wonderful apparatus with many uses. Comment: What does it take to wake these intentionally distracted master chef cooking-show home renovation watching reality -television watching idiots up already? Time is up!


Whether by foods we eat, water we drink, through vaccines or even our dental fillings, mercury is damaging to our health and toxic to our bodies. According to this scientific video explaining mercury's toxic effects , one of the major contributors to mercury toxicity in via dental fillings. Researchers demonstrated in how mercury vapor inhalation by animals produced negative effects in the brain — in particular a lesion that is seen in at least 80 percent of brains in patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

And more recently, researchers at the University of Calgary were able to demonstrate how mercury can alter the cell structure of developing neurons in the brain. Immune System Compromised Later research published in PLOS ONE by researchers from the College of William and Mary in Virginia found that songbirds that were exposed to sub-lethal and trace amounts of mercury left over from industrial manufacturing operations incurred reproductive problems and immune suppression, as well as brain abnormalities and other anomalies.

The songbirds' exposure to industrial chemicals in the environment has also been studied in fish and fish-eating birds , but at that time it had not been studied so much in forest birds.

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Dan Cristol, a biology professor at the College of William and Mary, and some colleagues embarked on a study to find out how other types of birds — specifically songbirds living around the Shenandoah Valley's South River — were being affected by chemical residues still evident from manufacturing of rayon that occurred at DuPont factories between and Rayon is a type of smooth textile that is often used in place of silk, but the manufacturing process left behind mercury and other chemicals in nearby rivers and land.

For many decades, birds living in the area had been exposed to those chemicals as they searched for food. That was a scenario that Cristol saw as an opportunity to learn more about the effects of that exposure. As reported by The Virginia Gazette :.

A series of local movements is successful. No, big government will represent the people - by squashing what the people want. The issue is fluorides. I recently wrote two articles demonstrating the extreme toxicity of this substance, which of course is dumped in water supplies as a medical treatment. In New Zealand, a group called Fluoride Free NZ has been highly successful working with town councils to ban fluorides from local communities.

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Related: No fluoride for Whakatane District water supplies. But these successes are a threat, because they contradict the lies medical authorities spew about how safe fluorides are, and because grass-roots victories erode blind faith in centralized government. The NZ Government is proposing that the [bigger] District Health Boards take over the decision making [about] fluoridation [in water supplies] as opposed to the local councils.

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This is because we have been very good at winning at the local council level. Since that time we have had many substantial victories in local Councils throughout New Zealand. In response to more and more councillors and mayors deciding against fluoridation, the Government is now taking the decision away from local councils and communities and putting the power into the hands of District Health Boards DHB , who are under the direct control of Central Government.

This group has scored victories against long odds. This group is smart, dedicated, and effective. They represent what can happen when strong, clear-sighted, creative individuals band together to accomplish a righteous goal.

The Political News Report | Political news coverage for the 21st century

However, there is going to be blowback against that government in New Zealand. The degree and power of the blowback is going to depend, in part, on the response of people around the world who become aware of the situation and make their voices heard. Contact Fluoride Free NZ. Help them. Spread their press releases all over the world. Why should a government be permitted to dump poison into the water and call it medical treatment? And having called it medical treatment, by what power can a government mandate it for all citizens without informed consent, without the explicit permission of those millions of patients?

A note to tourists: how do you feel about traveling to New Zealand and bathing in, and drinking, poison? If not, you might want to contact the New Zealand tourism authority newzealand. Related: US government actually admits: Americans have been overdosed with fluoride. Council should have been allowed to have a discussion on this and then decide what should be done.

Instead, one councillor has dictated to the entire council. He decided the issue could not be considered even though it is hugely signifcant and puts Auckland Council in the position of endorsing the fluoridation of these communities without the required consultation and without even advising the residents of this important change to their water supply. It is also concerning that only one councillor was provided with the legal advice that Watercare obtained and this advice was denied to other councillors.

A New Manhattan Project - A lesson from Australia!

According to the councillor who received it, Watercare said that their only obligation was to provide potable water and adding fluoridation chemicals to the drinking water did not make the water less potable. If this argument can be used to start fluoridation without consultation then the same argument can be used to stop fluoridation as not adding fluoridation chemicals to drinking water, definitely does not make a water supply less potable. According to the Local Government Body Act, councils are legally required to consult communities on issues of significance.

Since then all other councils have considered fluoridation to be an issue of significance and fluoridation has not been stopped or started without some form of consultation such as a referendum, Tribunal style process, or inclusion in the draft annual plan. In when the Kapiti Coast Council nearly stopped fluoridation, the Ministry of Health threatened to instigate a judicial review as they did not believe they had been sufficiently consulted. This was despite the fact that Kapiti Coast Council had undertaken consultation via the draft annual plan process. It is highly likely that if any council in New Zealand chose to stop fluoridation without public consultation the Ministry of Health would legally challenge that decision.

Auckland Council is now ignoring the law, and astonishingly has allowed Watercare, an Auckland Council owned business contracted to the Council to provide water services, and not elected by the community, to ride roughshod over the Franklin residents. Where is democracy at Auckland Council if councillors are not even allowed to discuss important petitions that are put before them? The meeting can be viewed here.

Related: Quotes from professionals on fluoridation - In putting those decisions in the hands of District Health Boards, the Minister has forced those against fluoridation to have to deal with their main opponents in previous council fora. District Health Boards have spent large sums of money on fighting pro fluoridation campaigns - money that should have been spent on improving people's food and drink choices. The democratic decisions of hard fought referenda will be cast aside, and New Zealand will be heading in the opposite direction to the rest of the world which has been getting rid of water fluoridation.

Watch: Do Phones Cause Cancer? Extensive research into the connection between cell phone radiation and cancer has linked this ubiquitous modern technology to two main types of brain tumors: gliomas and acoustic neuromas. Information compiled by the ElectricSense. It also found that tumors were more likely to form on the side of the head where a cell phone is most prominently held: BioInitiative.

The longer the women used the phones, the higher their risk: SaferEMR.

Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project

This study specifically states that wireless radiation initiates and promotes carcinogenesis: NCBI. But a study out of France found that cell phone use greatly increases the risk that this important gland will become cancerous: MieuxPrevenir. An Israeli study found that rates of cell phone use are directly proportional to the risk of developing thyroid gland cancer: SaferEMR. But a study out of Sweden found that melanoma risk is greatly accelerated by mobile phone use: HIR. Based on cases of parotid gland tumors, researchers observed a direct association between mobile phone radiation and cancers of the parotid, the salivary gland located right next to where users typically hold their phones: AJE.

An Australian study found that typical exposure to cell phone radiation greatly increases lymphoma risk: MicrowaveNews. This is especially true when women carry their phones in their blouses or bras, where phones are pressed directly against the breasts. Vitamins are not individual molecular compounds. Vitamins are biological complexes. They are multi-step biochemical interactions whose action is dependent upon a number of variables within the biological terrain. Vitamin activity only takes place when all conditions are met within that environment, and when all co-factors and components of the entire vitamin complex are present and working together.

Vitamin activity is even more than the sum of all those parts; it also involves timing. Vitamins cannot be isolated from their complexes and still perform their specific life functions within the cells. When isolated into artificial commercial forms, like ascorbic acid, these purified synthetics act as drugs in the body. They are no longer vitamins, and to call them such is inaccurate. Royal Lee was the pioneer researcher in the field of whole food vitamins. For decades he documented the basic facts summarized in this chapter.

His work has never been scientifically refuted. His story is a fascinating study in itself, a study of indomitable perseverance in the pursuit of true principles. Burn his research! When has that ever happened in this country?

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